Ferry Poole to Cherbourg, probably Mon Apr 3rd.

Week travelling down to SW coast of France (popping into Mt. Saint Michel).

Week or so in Provence/French Riviera, see here for wish list.

Week or so travelling down Italy to Sicily, Italy wish list here.

Two weeks in Sicily.

May 9th. The Giro will be in Sicily. It and Ignatius will be cycling up Mount Etna (not at the same time!)

Week or so travelling back up Italy.

May 23rd. The Giro will be tackling the Stelvio pass.

Two/Three weeks travelling down the east Adriatic coast, see here for wish list.

Ferry from Bar in Montenegro to Bari in Italy.

Back up Italy to the Alps (hopefully we’ll have done most of what we what to do in Italy by then)

Bit vague here but during July early Aug we would like to fit in our Alps, Switzerland, Germany wish list, see here, Tour de France and a brief return to Britain for Fionn’s graduation.

Second week in Aug, hopefully Ignatius cycling and Kath walking in the Alps with some ‘visitors’ from the UK.