We’re hoping to use a wide variety  of overnight stops. From full facility (pool, restaurant, bar etc) campsites, relatively cheap/free Aires to quiet out of the way free wild camping.

Different countries have different views on wild camping. Generally allowed in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Although on the coast it can be a bit tricky. Less clear on situation in Slovenia. Generally not allowed in Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro. As an aside it’s interesting that UK falls in the latter group and Ireland in the former! Of course there may be a difference between what’s officially allowed or not allowed and what happens ‘on the ground’.

There is also the consideration of needing to find Motorhome facilities, i.e. emptying toilet, grey water and filling up with fresh water.

There are many books, clubs, schemes, websites that give varying advice, service, information etc on places to stopover.
So far we have

Bought the 2017  ACSI discount card. This gives us off-season discounts at over 3,000 camping sites across Europe.

The Motorhome Guide Camperstop Europe which has information on almost 10,000 sites ranging from full price to free.

Membership of Wildcamping, whichs gives thousands of free camping locations in Britain, France and Spain (but sadly not Italy).

Those, along with the internet, will hopefully put us in good stead for finding suitable stopovers. Although we might buy some more books before we go. With those and all the guides books I can’t help feeling we’ll be a travelling library!

Hopefully we’ll find some quiet spots like this one we stayed at in Ireland. Bit worrying when the tide came into the carpark but a local assured us it won’t reach us.