Northern Spain

I have put up the route page detailing our journey through Northern Spain. It is the last route page as we left Bilbao on a ferry for Portsmouth.

We had eighteen days and covered 1,633 miles in Northern Spain.
Our nightstops were four nights in two campsites, four nights wild camping, six nights free in car parks and three nights in aires, one of which was free.
We stuck mostly to the coast, going in land mainly to visit the mountainous Picos de Europa. Connor joined us for a week, flying in and out of Santander with Ryan Air (which turned out to be an achievement in itself!).
We retraced our steps, somewhat, between Praia das Catedrais and Santander , getting to know the A8 quiet well. Fortunately it’s mostly a toll free motorway.

Highlights include Santiago de Compostela, the Galicia region (north west) in general, Gijón, San Sebastian, the Picos and many places along the coast too numerous to mention.
Another region we’re planning a return visit too.

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I have put up another route page detailing our journey through Portugal.

Sixteen days and 883 miles covered in Portugal. Six nights in two campsites. Four nights wild camping. Four nights free in car parks and two nights in aires. We drove the length of the Algarve, covered a lot of the wild Atlantic coast and had a number of trips inland. It is the period on our trip when the weather changed from summer (in the south) to autumn (in the north).

We met some lovely people, wonderful scenery and great place to take a Motorhome.
As Arnie would say “We’ll be back”!

You will need to visit the blog to read the detail. For non-bloggers, click here and then ‘Portugal’ for the detail.