In planning our trip I went through phases of cutting out newspaper articles relating to Motorhomes/touring/destinations and kept them for future reading.
With the development of the Internet information went from being often difficult to find, to being really easy, back to being difficult to find due to overload! My view of these newspaper articles followed suit, useful, not really that useful, back to being useful again.
So it was with curiosity that I read one of these ‘saved’ articles entitled ‘moving house’ looking at the pros and cons of life on the open road. It looked at a family who resigned their jobs, bought a Motorhome and went on the road for a year. It was interesting to read their experiences of buying a Motorhome, planning the trip and their travels. A lot of chuckling with empathy.
It did strike me as a little odd that I’m reading this article on the ferry from Croatia to Italy, two and half months into our trip. Not so much where or when I’m reading it but the fact that the article is from The Guardian, dated 19.04.03. Its a newspaper cutting from over 14 years ago! It has survived a house move, numerous tidies (well Kath would say not that many tidies!!) and managed to get taken on our trip.
It goes to show both my information gathering and retention, not to mention packing, seems a little random! But it was a good article, I enjoyed reading it and it shows we were planning our trip from the early 2000s.

“Motorhomes offer the opportunity to condense your lives into one self-contained travelling room” and explore the world at your leisure.



Back to Croatia

Just checked the last words of the last diary blog – something about never forgetting our one night in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Prophetic words – there was an earthquake later that night. We both woke around 1am to a loud rumble and the van shaking. Didn’t last long. In the morning Sandra (campsite owner) told us it measured 4.1 on the richter scale, and the epicentre was pretty nearby. It’s the first earthquake we’ve experienced.

14th June

We drove up into the mountains, via the Catholic pilgrimage site of Medugorje, and on to the Kravica waterfalls. These are not as spectacular as the Plitvice Lakes, but have the huge advantage that you can swim in the pool beneath them. It was cool, refreshing and totally delicious swimming there. We stayed a while, had lunch, and then drove on, out of Bosnia-Hercegovina by a very scenic and interesting route.

Kravica falls – that’s me there, standing on a rock

If you look at a map you’ll see there’s a bit of Bosnia that goes down to the coast, splitting Croatia in two. After having had a bit of trouble entering Bosnia we did not want to leave it then have to re-enter it to get through to Dubrovnik, so we planned a route that led down that land corridor to the coast, then out of Bosnia. Clearly though it’s not a well-used route. The road surface was worthy of Sicily and it was single track with sporadic passing places. Didn’t see much other traffic thankfully!

Back in Croatia, on good roads, we headed towards Dubrovnik and stopped at a campsite about 16km north of the city.

15th June

Dubrovnik’s been high on our list of must-see places. I was fearful that after so many gorgeous medieval walled towns it would be just another such, but no – it’s in a league of its own and well worth a visit. Despite extensive damage in the 1990s wars, it’s been fully restored. The walls are complete and you can walk around the top of them, and the streets are very pretty. Several areas around the city have been used as locations for filming Game of Thrones, and we tried to find some of these. Visited a few museums, had a very nice lunch out.

On the Dubrovnik city walls
Dubrovnik rooftops

The day was very warm and humid which made the visit less comfortable than I’d have liked but we really enjoyed it. Took a bus from outside the campsite to get there and back which was a good no-hassle way of doing it!

16th June

A day of future planning. As we’re heading into Montenegro and that’s outside Vodafone’s roam-free area, we thought we should find campsites, plan a route etc while we still have access to the internet (it’ll be £3 a day for pretty limited data allowance in Montenegro and I’ll want to save that for Google maps!) So we spent a lot of the day online, planning. I also did some writing.

Down a steep hill from the campsite is a small beach and cafe, so we had a swim and lunch there. Very refreshing, but walking back up the hill made us too hot again!

17th June

We had planned to move on today to Montenegro but we rather like this campsite so decided to spend one more day here. It’s lunchtime as I write this, and if all goes to plan it’ll be the last blog entry until we’re back in Italy in about a week, after taking the ferry from Bar to Bari.