Planning: Week One

Day One:

Home, Poole, ferry to Cherbourg, drive along coast to Mont Saint-Michél.


Ferry: 8:30 – 13:45
Drive: 154km, 2h13m
Stopover: Camping Saint-Michel  (ACSI card – 1363)


Day Two:

Mont Saint-Michél to Saumur.


Drive: 222km, 3h3m
:  Camping L’ile D’Offard (ACSI card – 1583)


Day Three-Six:

Saumur to Arles.


Places to visit/stay include …


Loches is a medieval town in the Loire Valley which we previously visited, pre-children, on a cycling holiday with friends.


Free Camping
Number of sites in Loches.  MH GCE p405


Auvergne des volcans natural regional park, Auvergne

A dramatic landscape of craters and conical peaks covered in what looks like green baize, the Auvergne des volcans natural regional park is a photographer’s paradise. A train chugs up to the top of the Puy-de-Dôme, the highest of 80 extinct volcanoes in the park but it’s a great hike too, if you are reasonably fit. Europe’s largest regional park is based around a 30km-long chain of volcanoes. It has four separate nature reserves, streams, pools, glaciers, the steep-sided Massif du Sancy and Cantal Massif. Apollo butterflies and rare damselflies join over 1,000 different animal species in the park.

Free camping
Parking du Panoramique des Dômes
Route du Puy de Dôme
63870 Orcines
MH GCE p429 – 45.76958 2.98624


Cévennes national park, Languedoc-Roussillon

A hundred years before it was declared a national park, Robert Louis Stevenson passed through this often-forbidding landscape on his donkey, Modestine. His route is now known as the Stevenson Trail (officially the Grande Randonnée 70), though mountain bikes have replaced donkeys as the most popular form of transport. With chestnut forests, fields of boulders and rugged paths, the park has an unpredictable, almost chaotic feel, a sense heightened by large numbers of sheep and cattle. The Cévennes was the centre of the Camisard revolts at the start of the 18th century where a lot of blood was spilled – Stevenson felt the emotion in the landscape as he tried to make sense of the Protestant uprising. Head to Florac for the park information centre.

Pay Aire
Aire Camping-Car Park de Langogne
MH GCE p478  – 44.73700 3.83448




City on the Rhône River in Provence. It’s famed for inspiring the paintings of Van Gogh. He painted 200-odd works around the town. Once a provincial capital of ancient Rome, Arles is also known for many remains from that era, including Arles Amphitheatre, now hosting plays, concerts and bullfights.
Arles’ Saturday market is is one of Provence’s best.


MH GCE p492  – 43.67796 4.61802

ASCI – 2559
Camping L’arlesienne   – 43°39’34” 4°39’15”


Day Seven:

Either the coast or Gorges du Verdon!



Park descriptions taken from a Guardian article
“10 of the best national and regional parks in France”.

MH GCE p – is the page number of the stopover in our
Motorhome Guide Camperstop Europe book

… and the other number is the grid reference!