One more week!

All day today I have been saying, this time next week we’ll be on the ferry; this time next week we’ll be in Cherbourg; this time next week we’ll be driving down towards Mont St Michel…

We’re into the last few days before the big trip begins. Preparations are complete or in hand.

Last week wKath & Mire took our adored tabby cat to my brother’s house – he has very kindly agreed to look after her while we are away. Here she is, settling into her new home. We spent a couple of nights at my brother’s house to help her settle and it seemed to work.

Poor old Nigel is having to get used to doing everything with a cat on his lap.

Last weekend we went to Leicester to see our student sons. One’s studying drama at De Montfort university, Leicester, and the other’s doing chemical engineering at Sheffield – he got the train down to Leicester for the day. Both are spending the summer in their university towns, hopefully with summer jobs! One graduates this summer so we will need to come back in July for a few days to attend his graduation. Boys in Leicester

Here we are outside the cathedral in Leicester. Yes I have had pangs of guilt at leaving them for six months but they are grown-up and it’ll be character-building for them. That’s what I tell them anyway.

Yesterday I did a load of packing – mostly clothes and personal stuff. Ignatius did his today. We still need to put in the food and things like laptops that are still in use in the house at the moment. I suspect I’ll spend all next weekend running in and out with things to put in the van and things to take out again. Just how many pairs of knickers should I take? 😀

It’s so close now. I have my last day in the office in London on Wednesday, and my last working day is Friday.  The count down is well and truly underway!