Cinque Terre

A truly memorable day in Cinque Terre today. Stunning 5 separate villages hanging precariously on rocky slopes above the Mediterranean.


Rode the bikes the 5km from our Aire stop in La Spezia to the train station. The train vists all 5, mostly via tunnels through the mountainous coastline.

They are extremely touristy but their inherent charm and stunning settings will win over even the most skeptical tourist trap avoider!

Walked up & down some very steep stepped pathways, meandered through narrow ‘streets’ and despite best efforts got drawn into some quaint shops. Not to mention somewhat strange cemeteries … well space is at a premium!

Monterosso cemetery

Our lunch time view …

Vernazza harbour

I had Tegame alla vernazzana in Vernazza. The main dish of the town, a layered, casserole-like dish of whole anchovies, potatoes, tomatoes, white wine, oil, and herbs.
I am planning on eating my way through local dishes on my Italian travels 🙂

It would be rude to leave Cinque Terre without having a beer with a view.