Sleeping with Gertie

When I posted some photos of Gertie a few weeks ago some people asked what the sleeping arrange20170311_150543ments were. I’ve just made the bed up today, ready for a short trip in Gertie tomorrow, so I took the opportunity to take a few photos.

So here we are starting with the driving arrangement. Seats fully upright, bed clipped up at the ceiling (see the black strap centre top?)





Tilt the front seats forward. Be careful not to force the driver’s seat down onto the steering wheel as it could lean on the horn! (We’ve done this. You only do it once.)




Unclip the bed (seatbelt-style clip) and it easily cantilevers down, already made up. And that’s it!

There are blinds at all windows including the windscreen which you would probably have pulled across first but I haven’t shown that.



Here’s another view of the bed. Looks cosy doesn’t it? ┬áThere is enough headroom to sit up in it without hitting your head on the ceiling, though you have to slouch a bit.

The blanket by the way, is one I knitted from wool inherited from my knitaholic mother.




And this is the view from lying in bed, looking down the van. It always looks surprisingly spacious from here. I fully expect to lie here every morning, watching Ignatius make breakfast.