Map Spain
Route from Pyrenees along east and south coast of Spain into the Algarve in Portugal.

Left the Pyrenees at Ribes de Freser and spent the night at Vilafranca del Penedès, just west of Barcelona. Next day we took to the Motorway for five and half hour drive to Santa Pola just outside Alicante. Long drive was for two reasons, one we want to get to south of Spain fairly quickly and Santa Pola has a campsite which has restarted ACSI discounts after the high season. We haven’t been in a campsite for about a month … so we spent 2 nights!

Next day, another long drive on the motorway, almost six hours to Valle Niza just short of Malaga. This part of Spain is covered in plastic, green houses producing out of season fruit and veg for northern Europe. Not very attractive.
Huge thunder storm overnight left everything very wet in the morning. But given the heat it was all dry by end of breakfast.

Last big day driving, hopefully for a while, around five hour drive to Gibraltar. We stayed on Spanish side of border at La Línea de Concepción (interesting name for a town, politics might have something to do with it!)

G Sun
Gibraltar – view from sunny Spain
G rain
Very British feel to Gibraltar .. including the weather!

Carried on following the coast, which has improved significantly since Costa del Sol, to spend the night in Cadiz. I know this is a route blog but I have to say Cadiz is a real ‘find’. Really beautiful, relaxed place to spend some time. But have to move on,, and Seville is by no means a bad spot to move on to! We have seen a lot (lot) of churches on our travels but the Cathedral at Seville still has the power to impress.

Seville horsepower vs pedal power!

After this very pleasant corner of Spain we crossed into Portugal.