Italy p3 1

Arrived in Bari by ferry from Dubrovnik with the intention of driving up the Italian Adriatic coastline. However, we first started with a detour to Matera, a very picturesque town we missed out on in our original trip round Puglia.
Onwards to Gargano Promontory where we spent a couple of days exploring the coastline and interior. From there, apart from one detour into San Marino, we stuck to the Adriatic coastline all the way to Ravenna. Some very pleasant spots on the way but not the most exhilarating coastline. Mainly full of Italians grilling themselves on sunbeds by the sea!!

We then visited a collection of towns, Ravenna, Ferrara, Modena and Mantua, before heading into South Tyrol. We drove along the eastern shore of Lake Garda, staying in campsites at Moniga del Garda and Limone sul Garda. Next stop Bolzano (one of our Italian highlights) before driving the Great Dolomite Road (another highlight … a bit like buses really!!) and looping round by Cortina, Brunico and back past Bolzano to Ossana.

Down, via Lake Iseo, to pick up Fionn at Bergamo Airport. Back to Lake Garda to stay on southern shore near Sirmione, before retracing our route back to Lake Iseo and north to Bormio. Into Switzerland, via Glorenza, to stay with Kath’s aunt in Davos.

Back into Italy, down the east shoreline of Lake Como and back to Bergamo Airport where all 3 of us flew to England for Fionn’s graduation.

On our return to Italy and Bergamo, after some delay with replacement tyres (covered in one of Kath’s blogs), we headed out of Italy to Switzerland via another Lake, Lake Mergozzo.

After over 11 weeks and almost 7,000 kilometres it’s a bit sad leaving Italy but much more to do and see 🙂

If you’re interested in the detail, stopovers, mileage, costs, etc click Italy, part three