One year on…

It’s hard to believe it was a year ago today that we set off on our Big Trip. A year ago, we were at the first campsite near Mont St Michel, and planning the next day’s drive southwards through France. The whole adventure was ahead of us!

I’ve been reading back through the early entries in this blog. All that squealy excitement when we were preparing for the trip, and the vaguely overwhelmed first few diary entries when we didn’t really know what we were doing (and I hadn’t yet discovered how to navigate via Google maps on my phone…)

We have some local friends who are about to set off on a long trip in a motorhome – they came round to look at Gertie and hear our stories about our trip. They’ve bought a similar van and are hoping to rent out their flat and set off on an open-ended trip. And yes, we are dead jealous of them! I’d love to do it again.

This year we are planning two fortnight trips away – one in June/July to the Loire valley in France, and one in late August to Ireland. Very much looking forward to them. Sadly, me being tied to workplace holiday allowances means that’s about all we’ll manage, apart from a few weekends away when the weather gets warmer – maybe with some other friends who recently bought a VW California…

Meanwhile Gertie’s sitting out on our driveway, still in ‘winter ‘ mode (boiler drained, water tanks empty etc) and mostly unpacked. We did visit the motorhome show in the NEC a few weeks ago, and bought new camping chairs and new melamine plates, ready for the next trip.

Here’s Gertie, somewhere in the middle of France. This photo was taken at some point in the first few days when we were heading down through France, finding our feet. gertie somewhere






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