I wrote the last diary blog while we were sitting at a car park on a headland near Santander passing time until it was time to collect Connor from the airport. His flight arrived around 9.30pm. We moved to park very near the airport and actually saw his plane land, about 20 minutes late. We spent the night parked at a camperstop on a marina very near the airport. Lovely to have our boy with us!

With Connor!

22nd September

Headed back westwards, retracing our route from yesterday, as far as the Picos de Europa where we went to a campsite near Potes. Gorgeous campsite with a view across the mountain range. On the way we stopped at the national park visitor centre which was beautifully laid out.

Spent the afternoon walking down to Potes village and having a wander around. There was a museum all about the history of a monkish scribe but all in Spanish so didn’t mean much to us. We realised we’d been to this town before – 7 years ago when we had a family camping holiday in northern Spain.

With Connor in Potes

The evening was spent planning the next few days and getting the washing done – should be the last time we need to use a campsite washing machine!

23rd September

Today was a first – we drove off the campsite despite being booked in for 2 nights! Left the small tent Connor is sleeping in and the outdoor table and chairs. There’s no easy way to get around the Picos other than by driving.

Beautiful route round to Cain on increasingly narrow twisty roads. We parked here so we could walk part of the Cares Gorge route. This is an incredibly narrow gorge, and the path goes through several tunnels at the start. Very beautiful. We’d made a picnic lunch which we ate part way along the track.

Incredible path of the Cares Gorge
Lunch spot

Long drive back, and an evening meal in the campsite restaurant.

24th September

Slow start today after our long day yesterday. Finally left the campsite around midday and drove along the northern edge of the Picos, stopping at a small restaurant for a very large lunch. The owner/cook/waitress spoke no English and our Spanish is non-existent, but luckily Connor’s art skills (drawing chickens, pigs, fish for her to point at and nod) were good.

From there we went on to Covadonga, a Catholic pilgrimage site which is also of historical significance in Spain – it’s where King Pelayo began the fight-back against the Moors in the 8th century. Apparently 31 fought off 400,000, or something like that. Anyway, the cave his troops sheltered in and where the Virgin Mary appeared before the battle now contains a chapel and the king’s tomb, and there’s an atmospheric cathedral. The whole place is in a spectacular setting deep in the mountains.

Cave, chapel and waterfall at Covadonga

And onwards to Oviedo where we found a suitable car park for the night. It was beside a park where you could play a round of frisbee golf (throwing frisbee into special net things) so we had a go at that, using our ancient silk fold-up frisbee which had so far had a long journey and no usage. I was terrible at this game. Ignatius won, but only just.

25th September

Walked into Oviedo town centre to have a look around. It being a Monday the museums were closed. And we arrived before most of the churches opened, for a change. You had to pay 8 euro each to go into the cathedral which we objected to, so in the end we just walked around a bit, had a coffee, and left pretty early, although it’s an attractive medieval town centre.

Drove on from there to the beach we were at a few days ago – the one with the arches. We had a tide timetable so knew we could be there for low tide. What we DIDN’T know is you need to buy a ticket to access the beach, from a website, which is mobile-unfriendly and only in Spanish and I couldn’t get past the Captcha. Last time we’d paddled round from the next cove along, stumbling on the pay-beach. This time the tide did not go out far enough to be able to do this. So much for plans! Anyway, we went to the next cove and walked the other way for free, exploring a few caves and other arches before the tide came in. No one on this section of the beach!

You don’t have to pay to explore THIS bit of As Catedrais beach!

We then had a rethink and decided that rather than spend the night near this beach we would turn back eastwards and go to Gijon. So it was back on the motorway to Gijon, which is actually very near Oviedo. 260km round trip to see or not see that beach! Ho hum.

Parked in the same camperstop in Gijon as we’d been in the night before Connor arrived.

26th September

We walked into Gijon town centre in the morning. We’d thought last time this would be a good place to explore and it was. Very beautiful town. Long walk along the prom to the centre, and out to another little headland where there were some old defensive remains and a weird sculpture that was supposed to be a monument to the horizon but which perhaps needed a bit of interpretation. Looked in a couple of churches as usual. Had a very nice lunch sitting outside a small restaurant in the old part of town.

Gijon. The statue is King Pelaya who is everywhere in this region.

We walked along the beach on the way back to Gertie. Gijon’s a lovely town and well worth a visit.

From there we drove east another hour to a wild-camping spot (found on Park4Night) near Llanes. This was a lovely little parking spot down a steep gravel track, above a secluded beach. In summer there’s a cafe here but it was closed.

27th September

Had a morning walk on the beach which was beautiful. Going up the gravel track was a little tricky – Gertie’s wheels were spinning and there was a distinct smell of burning clutch… Connor and I got out to lessen her load a bit and with a bit more wheelspin and flying gravel Ignatius managed to get her up the track. Phew!

Morning walk on the beach

We headed east, not on the motorway to start with but on a very scenic part of the coast road. I would definitely like to come back to northern Spain again for a few weeks – some lovely small coastal towns and many wonderful beaches. But for today we wanted to get to Noja, just east of Santander, where we camped 7 years ago on a holiday both boys remember as being one of the best.

At Noja we checked prices of a couple of campsites then arrived at the top quality one we’d stayed in before. According to the website it would be 35 euro a night for the 3 of us with electricity, but then the receptionist said if any of us were over 55 it’d be just 26 euro. Ignatius, helpfully, is the right age.

So here we are, camped at Playa Joyel beside a wonderful beach. Probably our last campsite (most of them close this weekend anyway). We’ll stay here for Connor’s last 2 nights with us. The campsite has an end-of-season feel to it, and so does our trip.


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