We have left Italy and are not planning to return this trip. The previous three times we left Italy we planned to return. We had 16 days in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina, 2 days in Switzerland visiting  Kath’s aunt and 4 days in Sheffield for Fionn’s graduation. It was always nice to get back to Italy.
We have spent a little over 11 weeks, covered almost 7,000 kilometres and had a whale of a time. Love the country, love the Italians, love the coffee. Less keen on the state of the roads, the litter and the weird opening hours!
Highlights include Bolzano (South Tyrol* in general), the Great Dolomite Road, Tuscan hilltop towns (especially Certaldo), Pompeii, lots of Sicily (watching Giro on Mont Etna), Cinque Terre … and did I mention the coffee, the ice cream, the little cake things (cornetti, cannoli). I must stop now or we’ll turn round and go back. But we’re in Switzerland and the mountains (and France) await.


* or as it’s locally known in Italian, Alto Adige or German, Südtirol

A blog of our route back up through Italy will follow soon.


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