The route – Croatia and BiH

I have added the third route page on the blog covering details of our trip from Italy through Croatia, brief visit to Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH), and back to Italy.
You will need to visit the blog to read the detail if you’re interested. For non-bloggers, click here and then on the Route page in the top right hand corner. Then click on underlined links (Croatia and BiH) for the detail.

The Croatian Adriatic coast is a great place for a ‘beach holiday’. It is geared up for tourism, mainly for German tourists of which there are many. You generally get greeted in German, but most people speak some English (and Italian). It has beautiful calm, clear water, great for swimming in. Although most people spend their time grilling themselves on the shore and only going into the sea for a cooling paddle. It’s a bit like Salthill on steroids (the Irish will know what I mean!) with great weather.
A lot of the coastal towns are beautiful (Dubrovnik, Split) but very crowded. They get a lot of Cruise ships.
You do get an underlying feeling that Croatia has sold its soul to the tourist. Great coast for the tourist less good for ‘the traveller’.

It’s worth going inland for a break and to get away from tourist pricing! It’s more mountainous, fewer people, more ‘real’.
BiH is even more so, mountainous, outdoor sports, poorer, less developed, hard to sum up given we only had 2 days, one night there … but it was certainly memorable.



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