Traveller and tourist

On our trip we are both travellers and tourists. The former seems a more desirable label than the latter. We tend to spend a lot of time trying to avoid and berating the latter, especially when they come in coach loads. This is somewhat like complaining about the traffic jam you are stuck in when you are actually the traffic jam!!


Duomo in Pienza, with hardly any other tourists in the shot!


By contrast my photo of Duomo in Siena had rather more tourists in the shot.

Duomo in Siena


A six months’ trip necessitates you spending more time as traveller than a two week holiday. We were, for example, in a tiny perfectly preserved medieval village of Pienza, a day or so ago. It has loads of picturesque lanes, buildings, touristy shops and the requisite Duomo. Our purchases, however, were four 7cm woodscrews and a box grater!

Less touristy items!


Amongst the tourist shops (we did buy cheese and postcards) we found a very small hardware shop (think two Ronnies ‘fork handles’ place). I’m not sure we would have managed to buy 7cm woodscrews without Google translate on Kath’s phone.

The screws were required to reattach the protective cover for our 12v sockets. The box grater as a replacement for a cheap grater that twice took lumps out of my fingertips!



3 thoughts on “Traveller and tourist

  1. Wow Ignatius just read all the finer details from the spreadsheet. Impressed. Only concern is there is very little detail on cost of daily wine 🍷


      1. Michelle in Italian supermarkets you can get these little 250ml cartons of white wine – it’s really good and the perfect amount to drink, and they cost about 59c!


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