We have picked up two new mascots since arriving in Italy.

The collection of stones and ceramics on the left were picked up on a beach walk beside a campsite we stayed at just south of Solerno (another post showed sun setting over the Amalfi Coast from same campsite!).

The chap on the right I found under my feet on Mount Etna as we were waiting for the giro to arrive.

No idea who this charming character is, if you recognise him, please let me know.

The original four mascots we set off with started with the upsy-daisy Dolly one found on a beach in Kerry. It was a ‘toy story’ moment!

The little dog was found under our step while camping in Langdale valley in the Lake District.

The other two were Christmas presents from our sons.


p.s. travelling with mascots is a Motorhomer’s custom I saw on telly (bit like waving at other campervans). I felt we should partake but was not keen on the idea of bringing fluffy toys from home so went with the more interesting one (well to me at least) of collecting lost or cast off bits we come across on our travels.
I know you’re thinking they’re just bits of old tut, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


2 thoughts on “Mascots

    1. It’ an enormous dash! Even if I manage to fill it side to side I could have them 2 or 3 deep … 100+ and so far ‘only’ have 6.


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