Another day, another little hiccup…

We were happily playing cards and drinking wine two nights ago when there was a sudden pffft sound, coming from somewhere near the fridge or boiler. It sounded a bit ominous but there were no symptoms, fridge was working ok. Then we noticed a small amount of water on the floor and each blamed the other for spilling a drink. Then I went to do the washing up, and as I turned the tap on water began squirting out from under the bench seat – beneath which is the boiler. I think swear words may have been spoken.

So, we emptied out the storage contents under the bench, used a screw-driver to remove two panels which house the boiler, mopped up all the water with a beach towel, and then turned on a hot tap again to see where the leakage was. It turned out to be coming from the back of the boiler where a hose is connected, feeding the two taps with hot water. There’s about two inches gap between the back of the boiler and the wall of the van, and you have to lean inside the bench seat storage to reach this, and definitely need torch light to see what you are doing.

Anyway, Ignatius managed to disconnect the hose, cut off the last half-inch which had split (that was the pffft sound we’d heard), and reattached it. Hurray! We’d managed to fix a problem ourselves. We left rebuilding the boiler housing and repacking the bench seat till the following morning – just in case!

From henceforward Ignatius is to be known as Giorgio.


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