Sunset over the Amalfi Coast

How else can you (affordably!) bed down a 100 metres from the ancient site of Pompeii one night and the following night have the Mediterranean gently breaking 10 metres away as you dine outside your bedroom as the sunsets over the Amalfi Coast .. the joys of Motorhoming!

The Amalfi  Coast was a bit of an adventure. We were doing a recce, to figure out how much time to allow and what to do on our return, back up through Italy. We left Pompeii, travelling through Sorrento  as far as Positano. Stunning scenery, very windy roads, mad Italian scooters and some very tight passing maneuvers, especially with all the coaches.

Amalfi Coast

… I’m sure Kath will post some more Amalfi Coast photos, I was driving and she was taking the photos!

On reaching Positano the queuing starting and we were told we couldn’t take the Motorhome through and would have to turn round and go back the way we came. Despite coaches carrying on (we are no wider and a lot shorter), but one campervan is less commercially valuable than a coach load of tourists! A very insistent local police person resulted in us having to halt our progress and turn back. We had to retrace our steps back to Pompeii and 3 hours later we were back to where we started!

Positano did not get a very favourable write up in our guide book and I’m definitely not a fan given our experience. Apparently the only way to drive the Amalfi Coast in a camper is at night !!! Be warned if you’re planning it. To get to Amalfi you need to drive from Salerno and return.

So from Pompeii we took the Autostrada to Salerno and despite all the retracing still managed to get there on schedule (shows how slow the coast is compared to Autostrada).
Got there in time to listen to (no TV coverage) the Munster European Championship Semis … but they were beaten ):

Still back to where I started this post.
Eating dinner with the Mediterranean gently breaking 10 metres away as you dine with the sun setting over the Amalfi Coast.


Sunset over the Amalfi Coast




2 thoughts on “Sunset over the Amalfi Coast

  1. Oh wow, how flip in annoying. It must have been very frustrating. But time spent wherever is still a bonus and those views are amazing, enjoy your next journey, with less problems I hope.

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