Cote d’Azur

I’m writing this on my phone and hopefully publishing via 4g which seems more reliable than campsite Wi-Fi. So please excuse any terrible typos which will be the result of autocorrect! Also I can’t do that thumb typing that everyone under 30 seems to do so am stabbing at letters with one finger.


We visited Les Baux-de-Provence which is a gorgeous mediaeval village perched on a hilltop complete with castle ruins and amazing views across Provence. If we’d have had our son Fionn with us we would never have got away as there were replica trebuchets which they fire each day…lumiere

Near Les Baux are some old limestone quarries which are now used for a spectacular music and light show. I mean, truly awe-inspiring. Imagine renaissance art projected onto 50ft high walls, the floor and the ceiling, as Led Zep’s Stairway to Heaven plays… Our guide in Arles, Ann, had said we MUST go to see it and she was right.

We camped at a site in a nearby village.


First job, after a pleasant breakfast sitting outside the van in the sunshine, was to find somewhere that sold hose attachments for connecting hose to tap. When we refilled our water tank in Saumur we left the darn thing screwed to the tap. Doh. We have loads if attachments for different types of tap but this is the one we’ll most likely need the most. Found 2 campervan suppliers in the area but both sold just whole vans and not accessories. Then we called at a supermarket to stick up on food, found it had a small gardening section, and found what we needed. So we bought 2.

Long drive today, first sight of the glorious blue Mediterranean, through Marseilles via the coast road, on to the Routes des Cretes which is a spectacular drive through the coastal hills between Cassis and La Ciotat. We ‘wildcamped’ in a large layby on the route. You’re allowed to in France as long as there are no notices saying you can’t. I went for an evening walk up a hill and discovered some mysterious ruins…blue med


Coffee on the prom in La Ciotat and a first dip of my toes in the Med. Another long drive to Bonne Terrasse not far from St Tropez, via the world’s most wiggly road, where we camped at an aire beside a beach full of driftwood.


After 2 days involving lots of driving today was a sightseeing day. First off, into St Tropez where we eyed up the incredible yachts in the harbour then bought a pint of milk. Somehow felt the need to buy more white things so Ignatius bought a t-shirt and I bought a floppy sun hat. It’s really pretty hot here so I think I’ll need it!

On to Port Grimaud but we could find nowhere to park Gertie so we went inland to Grimaud instead. This is another picturesque hill town possibly even prettier than Les Baux.

Camping tonight just west of St Raphael. Laundry done!laundry.jpg

I’ll have to add photos later when I have Wi-Fi as I need to reduce them in size before uploading them to the blog.

Updated 16th April to add a few pics!


6 thoughts on “Cote d’Azur

  1. Hi Kath, I’m already getting huge vicarious enjoyment from your travels! If you may be using your phone a lot for blogging etc, I recommend checking out Swype – you can get a free trial to see if you like it. It makes typing on a small screen loads easier and faster. I can’t manage without it now.


  2. Hi, Kath, I have loved hearing about your trip so far and am feeling very jealous of your adventures to come especially as we have just spent a week on the beautiful Côte d’Azur in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. If you are travelling along to Nice I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the Villa Eprussi on Cap Ferrat once owned by the Rothschild family, it has beautiful gardens. Better not take Gertie though as the road to it is very narrow. Beaulieu sur mer is also a pretty spot. Keep up the good work giving us all a taste of adventure! Julie x


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