Getting everything ready was like a combination of packing for a holiday and moving house! But it’s done and we’re off. Hard to believe that 15 or 16 years after we came up with the idea it’s finally happening. Kath is so excited I think her head is going to pop!

Task for the morning is trying not to get any ‘old’ pound coins in change on the Ferry. By the time we come back they will no longer be accepted in the shops. Hope that’s not an example of planning the detail and missing the big stuff 🙂

P1000168 (2)
On the ferry from Poole, passing Browsea Island

P1000179 (2)
View of Sandbanks as we leave a foggy England

By comparison it’s bright and sunny in France. First night on campsite outside Mont Saint Michel. Au revoir.



4 thoughts on “We’re off

  1. Waaaah, it’s here at last. You are going to have such an adventure, I’m so looking forward to your posts. Have a fabulous time.
    We stayed at a campsite 2 years ago near there, I wonder if it’s the same one. There was a cycle path along a river / canal that led to Mont Saint Michel…enjoy 😀👍 x

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